Sunday, September 5, 2010

A journey to the final frontier...of comics...and stuff.


Writing a blog has never been one of my interests, goals or aspirations.
Yet, here we are.
I am not a superfan of anything or a dedicated this or that.
I am simply a person who keeps my options and mind open to whatever interests me.
Therefore, my readings can and will be random.
From comics to manga to graphic novels, etc.
I am not saying I'm an expert writer or anything, just wanting to get my thoughts out there.

So to cut to the chase,
I am embarking on a journey to read...............
THE WALKING DEAD *dun dun dunnnnnnn!!!* (I pictured the dramatic prairie dog just then)

At a recent convention I splurged and bought all the volumes to date
(12 volumes as of september 2010)
So for my first blog thing, I will review each volume and give you my brain thoughts as I journey through them.

So this is it, look for my first thoughts/review blog about
The Walking Dead Volume 1: Days Gone By in the coming days.

For some quick info about The Walking Dead visit here
wikipedia is always accurate!

El Josho

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