Thursday, September 16, 2010

Spider-man Statue Marvel Milestones by Art Asylum. What's so Amazing about Spider-Man?

Spider-man Statue Marvel Milestones by Art Asylum

No better place to start than with the Amazing/Spectacular/Sensational/Ultimate Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man. First on the block is Art Asylums Marvel Milestones Spider-man statue. I like to call it Spider-Man vs. The Sinister Six minus 1.
First things first, I know I said I'd have all the packing photos and Styrofoam insert ratings as well, but this fortunate or unfortunately was one of the only statues that I purchased without a box. It did save me a bundle off the current going price of $200+. The other amazing thing is I had it shipped to me, once you see the statue you'll understand my amazement. I did get this in once piece no damage what so ever.

On to the REVIEW. 
If you haven't already figured this is all about spider-man and everything to do with spider-man. The first time I saw this statue I wasn't quite sure if it was as good as the stock images made it out to be. It looked impressive to say the least.
As far back as I could remember there hasn't even been a comic book cover that comes close to even capturing that same "pure amazing spider-man" style and epicness (except maybe the hard cover collected edition of sinister six). It would be years later of waiting and waiting before I finally got my hands on my own one. I was also concerned about some of the feedback that was received regarding the piece. Due to its single piece, everything connected, composition of the statue, there was a lot of stories of broken fingers, broken arms and other damages. This occurred even while the statue was transported in its original shipping containers. Yikes, there's nothing disliked then getting a "mint" statue and having it break in its own protective casing. None the less I managed to get mine "mint" with no original box.
Front Left to Right (rotating statue clockwise): Front View, Right profile, Back View, and left profile view of the Art Asylum Marvel Milestone Spider-Man statue.
The GOODS What you want to know:
As you can see from the shots (as best as I could) this statue is not only huge (16 1/4" high) but super detailed. Right down to the grains of sand forming Sandman's hand (it even feels like sand). Not sure why but the designers only managed to fit 5 villains in to the piece. Unless I'm overlooking the magic of Mysterio contained somewhere in there, or the invisible electricity from Electro, or maybe a feather from the Vulture. Whatever the case it still feels very much like a Sinister 6 (minus 1) Statue.
The statue is quite light, I believe it's hollow which may be a reason why it has a higher propensity to break. Barring that, once in your possession this statue looks amazing at any angle (see pics) it's just one of those well crafted, attention to detail pieces. There's really no bad angle you can't show off.
The pose of the main character (spider-man) almost seems to defy gravity, one hand on the chimney/rooftop protrusion just barely avoiding past the pumpkin bomb while being grabbed not just by Doc Oct but by the Symbiote tentacle. It's almost makes any "True Believer" ask the question will he ESCAPE. For me its a scene almost as iconic as Amazing Fantasy 15, except for me this statue is in 3D (no glasses required) and captures not just the history of that iconic suit but those equally iconic villains.

Final Thoughts:
This is the statue to get, it's a miracle that I got mine shipped without a single break. This is one of my favorite (not just spider-man) statues out there. It's got the villains, and one of the most iconic heroes finally in a real situation where you are begging to find out what happens next. This piece tells a story and a great to boot. Suggestions would be to have the pieces at least disassemble in some way to make it less prone to damage (Sideshow that's where you guys have that done to an art, that's for next time though). If you have the opportunity like I did grab it and pick up this statue if it be the only one you ever get. Other wise make the splurge and drop the $200+ and pick this one up.

5 "sinister 6 members" out of 5

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