Thursday, October 14, 2010

DC UNIVERSE ONLINE: The newest most amazing looking piece coming out of the DC VAULT

Like all great Comics, TV shows, Anime and other such great series that capture a worldwide audience, there are fillers. There will always be fillers. YES this is a filler post to help ease the tension of the next great blog review.
With the release of everything superhero just getting better and better. This has got to be the next level of where cartoons need to go and those cartoon/animation movies too. Finally a darker bad-ass side of the DC Universe comes out to play and oh do we love it. When you have all the character design by superstar Jim Lee... Nuff Said. The game unfortunately is only going to be released on PC and the Playstation 3, I bet it hits the xbox 360 just a few months after. The game is apparently a MMO (Massive Multiplayer Online) Action Game. Not sure what that means, but who cares until the beta gets released. CHECK OUT THE TRAILER and the Website.
        If you Read this far I'm guessing you didn't click the link Well no worries just hit play on the video below, it'll play right here.

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