Saturday, November 13, 2010

Daft Punk - Derezzed (Tron Legacy) CSOTW #3 Catchy Song of the Week

Hey Friends Lets catch up and end the week with a really cool song.
This week we are putting daft punk in the center of our fiction universe with their new track for the Movie Tron Legacy. The guys who brought you such awesome tracks like "around the world" and "one more time", are now in charge of all the music for the upcoming Tron Legacy movie.
You have to watch the video with the music going. It just brings that extra bit of the fictional reality to life. First ou get a shot of what the new "Tron" version of daft punk will look like with the light suits. Like every good daft punk track it just starts with a pulsing beat and just takes off from there. I have never been much of an Electronica fan but Daft Punk always opens my eyes and mind to a new possibility of musical taste. As I am totally out of my element with this genre, I'm not going to even comment. All I can say is daft punk fans enjoy the ride and first timers you are going to love it.
Let this one loop in your head this week.

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