Monday, November 29, 2010

Moon Knight Silver Statue Review Bowen Designs

Our first review of any Bowen designs statue. For myself I've never really had much of a liking towards the Bowen pieces. Why because they always reminded me of the classic era of comic books. Not that I don't like it but they just weren't real enough for me. I'm a detail collector and the Bowen stuff lacks the fantastic detail. They stuck so close to the classic comics that it limited their creativity. Their signature is the classic statue standing up straight, that's about it. Also I was first a sideshow collector before Bowen. So why Moonknight? Well its a huge piece and it has some better then normal sculpt and a good pose, still the classic Bowen pose though.

The Goods What you care about:
The 4 Color Box: Typical Bowen style. Grey-tone mosaic of different superheroes as the border, followed by the character focused center of the piece. The box makes the piece look awesome, ominous and badass.

The Styrofoam: The one thing that is great about Bowen is that they actually tell you which way to open the statue. I always hate having to guess and in the odd occasion actually open the piece with everything facing down. Which can sometimes break parts of the statue. In this case a nicely labelled "UP" on the proper side avoids this situation.
From Left: You can see the very helpful Up label on the styrofoam which avoids breakages, on the right the piece.

The Statue: Let's start with the base. Its probably one of the more detailed bases in the Bowen collection, the down side is that it's probably more detailed then the actual subject. The base is part of what looks to be an old Gothic building roof top. It fits with the character type, masked crime fighter of the night. The base is also a sort of eerie blue tone as if you would be seeing it on a foggy or rainy night.
Now the subject piece. Like most Bowen pieces the male figures are always I find way over proportioned. In this piece and many others I find the legs and the ads are just to big and they are way to highlighted. The pose is awesome with the flowing cape. Normally I would have a few issues with the paint details on the face but since he has not much of a face it looks good. That's probably why i like this one so much. I still haven't figured out what that little baton thing is that is in his hand, can't see much sense in using that to stop criminals. The cape is done really well and is pretty life like, I think this is the best part of it. A nice surprise was the paint job. Normally the paint job is not the greatest especially around the face and hair. This had none such issue and the paint job is probably one of the best I've seen in a long time, from these guys.

From left to right: Left side, Front, Back and the right side. Looks great not super original though, just kind of plain

Other then that the piece is kind of boring there isn't much happening and the sculpt does not give anything to the imagination. Probably because it's Moon Knight and there isn't a lot going for him except maybe the moon shaped air plane he drives around. I'm Sure if there was something more to this it would have been a real keeper, but as such Bowen has managed to stick very closely to its signature stuff, classic and kind of standing straight up.

Final Thoughts: As a kind of cheesy Batman knock off it's a decent attempt. Next time Bowen get more detail and bring that source material to life. Good creative base but I've seen McFarlane toys that have more going for them then this one in terms of life like and detail. In this case though the lack of detail worked in some spots especially with the face. Moon Knight fans you will want to add this to the collection because it's probably the only piece out there for you to collect. Other fans this is an easy pass or wait for a better one, unless you need the whole marvel universe then that's a different story.

A good attempt
3 Crescent shaped throwing disc out of 6

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