Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Mary Jane Comiquette Statue Review Sideshow

An edition size of 2000, it's the Mary Jane comiquette statue by sideshow collectibles. Another piece in the sideshow Adam Hughes collaboration collection. Released in 2007, there were 2 versions an exclusive and regular. The exclusive came with the control art, which I don't have. In this case the control art doesn't much look like the actual piece. The piece is more slim and the hair more straight and flat. Overall the piece looks awesome and is probably the best representation of Mary Jane to date.

The Goods (What you care about):
The Brown Shipper: The box does well to keep the piece safe, any bumps or drops though and expect to see the same damage on the 4 color box as well.

The 4 Color Box: I liked it, the choice of colors and font really suit the piece. As usual Sideshow puts the effort in to make a different box for each piece.

The Statue: There were a few things that I noticed about the sample pre-production piece and the actual released product. The hair and that touches the right side of the face was actually attached to the head in the released pieces, where as the pre production piece had the hair separate. Why the complaint? Well with the released piece the hair and the face had to be painted and it looked as though the skin is extending into the face giving it a weird finish. Other then that the piece looks really good. The skin tones are very life like. Everything is in proportion and nothing really hangs out that can be easily broken off.

Assembly is actually really fast and easy. There are 3 pieces the base, the figure and the washing bucket. Put the base on a level surface, then place the peg on the feet into the peg hole on the base make sure her hands are over the table. Now the washing bucket. It has a magnet built into the bottom and felt so it wont scratch the table or fall off. This is were you need to be careful. Put the base on the table and fit the spider-man costume (parallel to the figure body) into the fingers of the right hand. then just fit the left side of the costume into the left hand. The left hand doesn't really hold the costume. DON'T Twist the costume or else you'll break the right hand fingers off.
A tank top, blue jeans and... pink panties seems to sum up the super model wife of Peter Parker. The costume she washes isn't the original red and blue costume, it's the black and red. It kind of sucks but i guess it goes to show that Spider-man only has one of each costume, and she's washing this one to be ready for him for his next adventure.
Sideshow has done it again and made a great piece, add this to any collection whether is spider-man, or just a woman of comics collection. This is a well needed addition for any completest just try not to break the bank as right now it's about $300 to acquire this one.

4.5 Full Super Kleen Bottles out of 5

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