Wednesday, December 1, 2010

White Queen Emma Frost Exclusive Comiquette Sideshow Review

Here's a particularly special piece. Sculpted off the works of Adam Hughes this one is a little PG-13. This has become one of the most highly sought after female collectibles to date. With an exclusive run of only 900 pieces (2000 for the regular edition), and with a pose like this, it's a keeper. Now the pose for you married guys may or may not work in the house, if your woman is confident and secure I don't think she'll have much against a capturing of 2-D art brought into the realm of 3 Dimensions. I'm sure a tasteful answer like that will help her to understand, otherwise it'll live in the box and you'll have to reference our photos to remember it. Anyways... originally released in 2006 the sculpt and attention to detail may be even better then the stuff coming out now.

The Goods What you care about:
Brown Shipper: well its a brown box nothing more to it, oh by the way this is the exclusive version so enjoy that on the box.
From left to right: Brown shipper box, Front of the 4 colour box, side and the back

Four Color box: unlike the Magnetto Comiquette the purple works really well. It delivers just the right amount icy cold that suits the White Queens character. It's quickly obvious that the purple doesn't seem to cool down the piece or the White Queen. The full sculpt is revealed on the sides and back of the box and it's obvious this is a PG-13 piece. It's like a scene captured from the bed room of the White Queen, a long day of screwing over the X-Men it's time to go to bed.
 From left: The back story on the White Queen, and the control art print only given with the exclusive 

The Styrofoam: I caution lots of care for this piece. When lifting of the top piece just be careful. There's a lot of protruding plastic pieces that you do not want to break off. So be careful when taking out the cape/cloak. I take out everything else and leave the cape till last. I wish they had made these cape strings an insert but they are attached so if you break them that's it. Luckily if you break them they don't take to much away from the piece. I cant figure out how they came up with the idea to pack this but its expertly packed, and good thing the cape doesn't move around at all in the box so there should be no damage on shipping unless you pack it badly.

 White Queen Emma Frost Statue by Sideshow Collectibles. Click pictures to enlarge. 

The Statue: Stunning and beautifully presented. With the exclusive version you get the chance to compare the real piece with the control art which is pretty cool. All I can say is wow it's nearly identical. The statue hasn't missed a detail.  As well the assembly is very easy. There are 3 pieces and its the minimalist style of the statue that really makes it stand out. Also the statue is huge at 16.5 inches this is one to be highly sought after. The control art for this piece is a little weird with the swirls and flowers, I think it detracts from the actual subject. That's my only thing.
The actual figure is great with everything proportioned really well. The hair is very straight similar to the sort of old school 90s cartoon, which is fine. It gives the very "staunch, proper, out of my league" typical of the Hellfire Club White Queen era. But I would have loved the Greg Horn White Queen hair with a few curls. None the less the statue is awesome even with the hair, I still like it. The paint job is perfect. I really like the pearl white they use for the outfit its just so much nicer then plain white. The pearl white gives it the look of real leather. (Hmmm a premium format of this would be... interesting). The face features are extremely life like with every attention to detail captured. Adam Hughes fans won't be disappointed, this one is a keeper.

5 Pairs of white thigh high boots
out of 5

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