Friday, March 25, 2011

Star Wars Clone Commander Gree Helmet .45 Scale Master Replicas

A first in a long while, coming from a galaxy far far away... The next line in the Star Wars merchandise universe. The half scale master replica helmets. I particularly like these because of the great construction and attention to detail. Most importantly the price point, at just under $50 a piece I can get pretty much the whole set for the cost of one full sized helmet. Also these scaled down versions are just as detailed. That has to be the one great strength of the master replicas line of mini collectibles, they literally looked like the full size ones with 1/10 of the price. Lastly they actually fit on the desk and they don't look like decapitated heads on spikes like the full size ones.
Anyways, on to the first one.
Clone Commander Gree Helmet .45 Scale helmet. 
 Helmet Outside view: front, sides, back and top view

Inside Views of the helmet. Even the inside of these smaller scale products are super detailed.

Final thoughts: the convenience of size, the detail and authentic look these are a sure favorite. The price point is amazing. We give there a 5 out of 5 in the world of scaled helmets.

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