Monday, August 6, 2012

Francis Manapul 2005 Sketchbook

Monday is here. To kick off the week another sketchbook full of art for your review.
This is the pre-flash Francis stuff, before the new 52 universe and stuff like that. As I said before i think his art has definitely changed a lot, and it has gotten better. I still like this stuff though.Now be prepared this is a long sketch book with 50 pages of different types of contant.

 Left to Right: Front Cover Captain America Sketch, inside Front cover with Wonder Woman

 Left to Right P1-3: Sketches opening page, French Street drawings.

 Left to Right P4-6: Witchblade drawings, Girl under tree, Superman

Left to Right: P7-9: Wolverine/logan, Just a guy, Girl head shots

 Left to Right P10-12: I think Catwoman, Invincible main, Batman

 Left to Right P13-14: The Flash, Laughing Out Loud

 Left to Right P15-17: Sorry I don't know who they are

 Left to Right P18-20: More character layouts of people I don't know. 

 Left to Right P21-23: More Character Designs of People unknown to me

P24-25: Witchblade Splash page
Left to Right P26-28: More character designs unknown to me
 Left to Right: P29-31: More Character Designs

 Left to Right P32-34: Character Designs, Covers an Pin ups (witchblade shown), Not sure which cover this is
 Left to Right P35-37: GI. Joe, Vampirella and Magdelene, Witchblade

 Left to Right P38-40: Hulk vs Spider-man cover, Spider man cover, Street fighter cover

 Left to Right P41-43: Illustrations Phoenix, Death from Sandman, Superman vs Wonder Woman

 Left to Right P44-46:  Supergirl, I think Jean grey or Emma Frost Ultimate universe, Psylocke
Left to Right P47-48: Elektra & Daredevil, The End

Left to Right: Back inside cover Francis Bio, Back Cover

Well Until Next time Hope you enjoyed that. It was a long one but I'm sure well liked. 

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  1. Sensational. I loved all sketches posted.