Monday, September 10, 2012

Lord of the Rings Sauron Scaled Helm by Sideshow Weta

Sauron 1/4 Scale Helm from the Lord of the Rings Review. Made by sideshow & weta for the release time of the original film trilogy, these piece by far have been some of the best created. Yes granted maser replicas did an amazing work on the .45 scale Star Wars helmets. But these helms take the scaled replica universe to the same level of quality (made even better). Each of these helms from the collection are made of metal. This makes each heavy and really amazing to behold.

The Sauron Helm is probably the most recognized of he entire franchise. Hence why we are doing this one first. The piece weighs roughly around 3-5 pounds and measures almost 16 inches tall. The piece like all the other pieces in the helm collection has been given a wore weathered use to depict what they would have looked like in the film.
The Sauron helm has amazing scroll work detail on the entire helm, despite being small weta did not take a break on making each of these screen accurate replica's.
 From Left to Right: Sideshow Helm of Sauron Front View, Side View, 3/4 view, Back View

 From Left to Right: Box art Front View, Side View, Back view with Story panel

My only issue was that the helm looks like it will be either a grey colour or a black colour. Strangely though my copy has sort of a hint of purple in the dark areas on the sides of the helm. It takes a real long inspection to see it. If you look at the helm and compare that black to the black of the stand in the same picture you'll notice the helm is lighter, and sort of an in between colour of black and he actual box art colour. Overall though this is stunning and is a keeper. Normally around $100 i would say its worth the price, but if you are patient you may be able to find one for a little bit less. Any fan of the Lord of the Rings or just really cool pieces needs to have this.

Score 4.5 Rolled "R's" in Morrrrrdor out of 5

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