Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Jeff J. Scott Campbell Ruff Stuff Vol 1 Sketchbook Preview

November is here. Which mean gifts and the holiday season. We're Hoping to be delivering just as many reviews and gifts for our readers as well.

To kick it off, here's a preview of the 2012 J. Scott Campbell Ruff Stuff Vol. 1 Sketchbook. Like all of Campbell's sketchbooks this is a real treat of creativity and sketched art. Oft times we'll get the standard ashcan sized sketchbook. With Campbell this one is different like all his others.  When I asked him at this years 2012 Toronto Fan expo he said he just like's doing things differently. This I respect from an artist. Enjoy the Preview and check back here when the full review comes out.

Don't Forget to click the images to enlarge them. 

Get View of the entire Sketchbook Here 

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