Friday, November 23, 2012

Oz The great and Powerful Desktop Wallpaper from Wizard of Oz

It's Friday and for some Black FRIDAY DEALS are here :)

Well Hopefully we got this post out early enough for you to check out (weather you're waiting in line or just prepping the computer for some awesome online shopping).

Next March the prequel to the Classic Wizard of Oz is going to be released. Now I have no idea what to expect story wise or visually. So far from the trailers its looking interesting to say the least. Most of us here aren't huge fans of the Wizard of Oz but maybe Oz the great and powerful will draw us in. How are you readers feeling about a prequel? Leave your thoughts and if any of you have a source for catching up on the Oz universe leave a comment and we'll post it on the blog for our readers.

Enjoy the Wallpaper and leave a thought. This is a huge file and definitely a Hi-Def (HD) Wallpaper.

Oz The Great and Powerful Desktop HD Wallpaper 4000x1800px

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