Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Alex Ross 2012 SDCC Sketchbook Review

It's Wednesday that means Sketchbook time. As promised the wait for the SDCC 2012 Sketchbook is over, here is the full review of the entire sketchbook. First note the actual sketchbook measures in at 8.5"x11" this makes it double the size of regular sketchbooks. The pros it's big and you get alot of value for the money. As well the art is scaled up accordingly so you get great picture print quality. It helps to provide a better insight into what Alex Ross was trying to do and how he does it as each pencil stroke is more visible. The cons well there's really only just one. It's going to be tough to find a bag and board to fit this sketchbook as it wont fit any of your regular sized comic bags. So if you're one to keep things nice an mint you'll want some larger extra bags and boards to store these Ross books away in.

As with most of the Ross sketchbooks the cover of the SDCC 2012 is always distinctively recognizable. Just one glance and you kind of know it's a Ross sketchbook. There are a couple more full colour pictures but the remainder of the sketchbook lives true to its name, with images all being penciled and left in their original black and white state. This book is filled with full pencil sketches and quite a few double splash pages. There is a few layout pages but I prefer to have more tight finished pencil work to look at. Be ready to enjoy the work and get a full indulgence of Alex Ross sketches.

 Inside Cover, P1-2: Lightening Lady, Batman Bust Sketch, The Shadow 1 Cover
 Left to Right P3-5: The Shadow 2 Cover, Marvels Group Trading Card Game
 Left to Right P6-8: Teen Titans from Justice, Black Adam From Justice, Star Trek Covers
 Left to Right P9-11: Star Trek Captain Kirk, Spock and Dr. McCoy, JSA Captain Marvel Shazam!, Crisis On infinite earths
 Left To Right P12-14: Kirby Genesis #0, Kirby Genesis #1, Vampirella Sketches
 Left to Right P15-17: The Spider #1, Batman Vs. Joker
 Left to Right P18-20: Project Superheroes Badies, Blood Lust, Bionic Man
 Left to Right P21-23: Brainiac from Justice, JSA Superboy and Legion of Superheroes
 Left to Right P24-27: Finished JSA Superboy Legion of Superheroes Cover, Kirby Genesis #1, 2, 7, 8, 0 covers
 Left to Right P28-30: The Shadow, The Spider, Flash Gordon
 Left to Right P31-back cover: Flash Gordon bust Sketch, Credits, Full Colour Superman
 Back Cover

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