Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Alex Ross SDCC 2011 Sketchbook Review

As promised we're releasing the SDCC 2011 Alex Ross Sketchbook. We couldn't get enough of the artwork so we thought we'd share the goodies with you all. We launched the preview a few weeks back so here is the full review of the sketchbook. I think this was a good year for Alex Ross. There's plenty of the big time Marvel and DC character sketches. Plus all the other smaller work that he did through out the year. The cover is probably one of our favorite pieces it's the first time we've ever seen a tri-fold cover, we tried our best to join them all together. The Sketchbook is like all the other Alex Ross books measuring at 8.5x11 inches. A lot of fine finished pencil sketches with a touch of artist notes. It's well worth getting if you are a Ross fan, even a mild one. So I'll let the readers decide and give feedback.

 Front Cover and Inside Front Cover
 The Avengers Alex Ross Tri-fold Cover
 From Left to Right P1-3: Superman Bust, Rocketeer
 From Left to Right P4-6: The Phantom Sketch break down, The Phantom Covers, Robin Designs
 From Left to Right P7-9: Warlord of Mars John Carter, Thor Sketch Cover 1-4
 From Left to Right P10-12: Thor Rough Covers, World War Hulk Cover
 From Left to Right P13-15: World War Hulk Covers, Astro City The Dark Age covers
 P16-17: Double Page Splash DC Superheroes, superman batman and the Justice League
P18-19: Splash Page DC Villains, Sinestro, Joker, Bizarro
From Left to Right P20-22: Ramayan, Godzilla, Superman Strength

 From Left to Right P23-24: Batman and Robin, Avengers Invaders Covers
 From Left to Right P25-27: Avengers Invaders Iron Cross, Justice league and Joker Christmas, Superman Cover
 From Left to Right P28-30: Zatanna, Captain America and Bucky, No Ordinary Family
 Left to Right P31-Back Cover: Manhunter, Credits, Catwoman.
 Back Cover

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