Monday, January 28, 2013

Iron man 3 Desktop Wallpaper HD Backgrounds

Theatrical Poster for Iron man 3 Hall of Armor HD Desktop Wallpaper 1305x1050px
So things have been pretty silent on our end for the past few months regarding developments of the nearly finished Iron man 3 movie. Well today we start to chip away at the silence. Here are 2 awesome desktop wallpapers from the upcoming third installment of the iron man franchise. The first is the hall of armor featuring the newly revealed Mark VIII (8) and the theatrical teaser poster for the movie. Enjoy the HD wallpapers and use them well. We can't wait for this next addition to the marvel movie universe and the Iron man franchise. Get more information here

 Iron Man 3 HD Desktop Wallpaper Mark VIII (8) 1305 x 1050px

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