Monday, March 14, 2016

Captain America: Civil War Trailer 2

The Second trailer for Captain America Civil War is here. And war has indeed broken out between marvels favourite super heroes. There are a couple of surprises that fans have been waiting for so watch the trailer before you keep reading this post.

Surprise!!! The biggest being the appearance of Spider-man. How much of a role will he play in this whole thing? No idea. But lets hope that sony marvel deal gave them enough time to shoot some great scenes with the web slinger. Will fans understand that this spirder-man will most likely have no tie in with the amazing spider man series featuring Andrew Garfield?
We get to see which side everyone has picked. And we know that Marvel is really making an effort to involve all the current heroes from the Earth Realm cinema universe. Even ant-man gets to make a small appearance in the airport fight scene.

Now on to more thoughts. There's been a significant absence of one key avenger The Mighty Thor, God of Thunder has made no appearance what soever in the movie. Not even a dark thunder cloud has really shown it's face in the movie.

Also where's the hulk. I'm sure general Ross has been hunting him since the events of avengers 2: age of ultron.

There are still so many questions left on the table. But it looks like this will be a movie that will shake up things for the marvel universe, at least on earth.
What's going to bring all these heroes back together? They'll need a threat even larger then the scale of the earth to really put everything back into proper perspective.

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