Friday, September 17, 2010

SIDESHOW COLLECTIBLES. Premium Formats what's the deal?

This is the main reason why I moved away from the print media of comic books to the higher end statue/collectible arena. SIDESHOW TOYS is what made me a true believer once again in more then just comics books. The 3 dimensional (no plug to the 3D hype of today) feeling of seeing you're favorite comic book characters come to life brings a certain excitement to collecting. The best thing is that once a company gets focused and really wants to bring something to the stage that is top quality, that's what makes you a collector. In the past comic book statues have consisted of just really bad, recreations that looked like a child's play thing worth not more then the paper it came boxed in. I'll leave it for now.

This is where Sideshow comes in, a company based in California. I'm not to familiar with their history but they carry quite a few big name licenses. Thanks to their attention to detail and realism their products are the ones that I stand behind the most. Its about 80% of my collection. They have quite a variety of lines but I tend to solely focus on the higher end items. I wont cover to many details of their product line as I reveal each statue there will be a little bit about what each one is all about.

I'll let you in on this though, Premium Formats are a special type of statue. For you art people its a mixed media statue.... Meaning its a mix of sculpted material (resin, polystone etc) with fabric (pop culture shock does similar lines but its is exclusive to sideshow anyways). Hmmm you say, well I did too and sometimes it's a hit or miss as fabric has a life of its own. So journey with me as we journey in to the world of premium formats and mixed media statues. NEXT TIME CAPTAIN AMERICA PREMIUM FORMAT STATUE!!!

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