Friday, November 5, 2010

Magneto X-Men Sideshow Comiquette Statue

Up next, we're talking the X-men today. Villains, yup we're covering our first villain. According to IGN he is the best comic book villain. For a guy with a bucket for a helmet...ok it blocks psychic attacks...I think he isn't a terrible villain. Also he has been around forever he just doesn't seem to go away. Now he's arrived here on League of Fiction. Not sure if he'll make the list for best villain statue.

First impressions:
The piece being a comiquette is just another fancy word for a statue. Instead of being like a premium format this one is completely solid, no cloth or fabric. Its made of polystone and not hollow. That is what made this pose possible. This is one of those special sideshow pieces that seem to defy gravity. It's a very cool feature but with it comes a sense of over precaution. Seeing a piece in your display case worth $150-$200 looking completely unbalanced but still standing, gets a collectors heart racing. First of they are already fragile the last thing would be to see it fall over because it was produced with the right center of gravity.

The facts about the piece are this. Sideshow has a nack for making doing this and getting it absolutely right. I can pretty much say this piece will probably never topple over if placed in a protective display case and not pushed or shaken (typical statue care procedure). For a Magneto this is exactly what it needed to make it awe inspiring statue. Even I think he looks pretty awesome. Whether or not the pose should be for Magneto will be discussed.

The goods what you care about:
4 color box, sorry no brown box, (rarely do I ever get these with the purchase), if you're disappointed may I suggest visiting a postal office storage place to get your fix. Its purple...not a favorite but it gets the feel across of magneto. The back shows the entire statue and the amazing pose that they have sculpted it in as well as a blurb on the back with back story.

Typical sandwich style, statue in the middle two styrofoam blocks to protect the middle from damage. Statue comes in 2 pieces which may pose a little tricky to take out. I grab the base and set that up first. Then grab the cape and the leg, lift the piece straight out. Then mount the statue on the base before taking off any of the protective wrappings. Just make sure you get a good grip the wrappings are a little slippery with the statue underneath. From a boxed side angle the statue looks cool. I'll cover that in the next section. *****Remember when putting the piece back in, if its in a plastic bag you will probably want ot cut a hole where the out stretche hand will touch, the pressure from the bag being pulled may break the fingers.****

 Note: Grab the cape piece in the middle just behind the back and the leg and pull straight out. Try mounting the statue on the base once its in the right spot then take the plastic off the statue.

The Statue.
The detail is really good, they managed to get every muscle on top of muscle to show with this piece. The base of the piece is pretty plain, I'm not sure if they really needed to put the name of the character on the bottom. If you didn't know who he was before reading the name won't really help to tell you who he is, but that's me being picky. The pose is pretty incredible and seems to defy gravity.
The Teeth look like
Chicklets, the face
doesn't work either
The paint job is as usual very good, with a great sculpt getting every little detail to help bring this to life. The crimson rd of the costume makes you forget that the rest is purple. I thought the base was a little small for this piece. Now the pose is where the statue starts to get a little weird. It's an awesome pose but unfortunately not suited for this character. It feels more of like maybe a Storm pose or change the cape to fire and make it an Iron Man statue. Well what's done is done. My last concern is to do with the face sculpt, I'm not a fan of it. The white eyes ust didn't really fit the pose, ya I know he's using his power etc. but its just weird. Now the teeth on this statue from a far look great but close up it's really bad. They look like chicklets painted in place of his teeth.

If you are a magneto completest you'll probably love this and want to get this piece. For all others depending on your taste I would probably have this piece lower down on my list. Finally it was tough to find a good angle to shoot the statue at. The back was kind of to big at the top and the 3/4 quarter view I normally use looked just like the front. I think the statue looks best with the out stretched arm at the back and the left arm in the front, that way you don't see the face. I can only hope that Sideshow does another magneto... better next time, with a better pose and face sculpt.

2 Chicklets out of 5 Chicklets

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