Thursday, April 28, 2011

Boba Fett Helmet Star Wars Master Replicas .45 Scale

Star Wars Master Replicas Helmet .45 Scale.
One of my favorites is the Boba Fett helmet. All the attention to battle damage and giving it the proper worn out look is amazing. This is a high ranking collectible for any bounty hunter fan, or Star Wars helmet collector. With a matching stand this is something you'll have everyone fearing and gawking.

To start this is the only helmet in the collection with a moving part. At a .45 scale they managed to add this in too. The antenna on Boba Fett's head isn't actually an antenna. Turns out it really is a reticle that turns down to line up with his eye (probably to shot and capture the more difficult types of bounty in the galaxy). Also you'll notice that the visor is transparent plastic which gives it another life like quality. Even the depression on the top of the helmet is added. We can not get enough of these MR helmets, Shame they went out of business after loosing the Star Wars License. They have so far produced the best quality collectibles at a price well worth what you pay.

 Boba Fett Helmet Front and Back

 Boba Fett Helmet Sides and front view with reticle down

Inside Views of what actual goes over Boba's Mandalorian face.

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