Friday, July 22, 2011

Jim Lee Sketchbook Hard Traveling 2008 Green Lantern, Green Arrow

Jim Lee Hard Traveling Sketchbook 2008 for your review and knowledge. Not sure why he included some of the same pictures with just a close up view.

Jim Lee Hard Traveling Front Cover
Jim Lee Hard Traveling Inside Double Splash page
P 1-4: Joker, Batman & Robin, Green Lantern all from All-Star Batman & Robin

 P5-8: Catwoman, Batman Joker Half and half, Wolverine Batman

P9-12: Wolverine, Fantastic Four, Cloak and Dagger

P13-16: Supergirl, Wonder Woman (I think), Wonder Woman, and girls not sure from where
P17-18: Jim Lee Alien invasion not sure from where
P 19-20: HEROES Group Double Splash page. Jim Lee this is my favorite in this Sketchbook.

P21-24: Hiro Ando and Adam, Iron and the maiden, Invincible cover, and Jim Lee Sketches

P 25-28: World of Warcraft Jim Lee Cover Sketches

P 29-32: Jim Lee World of Warcraft Covers and Sketches

P 33-36: Wolverine sketch, Random Sketch and what I think is more Jim Lee Warcraft
 P 37-38: Jim Lee girls sketches and Nightmare Before Christmas
Hard Traveling Back Inside Cover by Jim Lee
Jim Lee Sketchbook Back Cover

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