Friday, July 20, 2012

Alex Ross C2E2 2010 Sketchbook

Alex Ross C2E2 2010 Sketchbook from Chicago.

We did a preview of this one a little while ago. Now we launch the rest of this sketchbook for you to review. So far we've enjoyed this sketchbook the best, with a full list of all the details of each page. Especially with the release of the new Batman: The Dark Knight Rises movie. Enjoy some new content and get ready for the movie.

Left To Right: C2E2 Poster Sketch (Front Cover), Torch #1 Variant (Inside Front Cover)

Left to Right P1-4: Torch #2 Variant, Planet of the Apes, Superman "Got Milk", Red Skull Avengers/Invaders
 Left to Right P5-7, 10: Namor from The Torch, Flash Gordon, Flash Gordon DVD, Avengers Vampires from the Torch

P 8&9: The Supremacy
Left to Right P11&12: Atomika Annual, Fighting American 0&1

Left to Right 13&14: Fighting American, Fighting American 4&5

Left to Right P 15, 18, 19: American Woman, Fighting America 2&3, Torch 4&5
P 16-17: Absolute Justice Group

Left to Right P20-23: 1963 Trade paperback, Project Superpowers Ch 2 #12, The Scarab and The Target, Mighty Samson & Green Lama

 Left to Right P24-26: Masquerade and fighting Yank, The boy king & His Giant, Cyclone from Kingdom Come. Below: Black Terror #9

 Left to Right P28-31: Sandman, Justice Society #1, Wildcat, Power Girl

 Left to Right: Buck Rogers (Inside Back Cover), C2E2 Colour Program Piece (Back Cover)

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