Wednesday, November 14, 2012

J. Jeff Scott Campbell Rough Stuff Sketchbook Vol 1

The 2012 J. Scott Campbell Ruff Stuff Sketchbook Vol 1
This year J. Scott decided to release 2 sketchbooks. A Horizontal and a Vertical version. Volume 1 is the horizontal version. All the art inside this sketchbook is a double page horizontal spread. Double page spreads really make the art come together and it helps focus on the subject page. It's a great idea since this is a sketchbook and the only story being told is through the art.

So here it is. Folks do not adjust the colour on your monitors. These sketchbook pages do have a slight tint of purple on the pages. That's all part of the creativity from Campbell. This is definitely a great sketchbook and a must add to the collection, it's full of art that is fully penciled with draft work around the borders. The draft work is an interesting contrast between the finished pencils, it really shows the thought process of how campbell got to the final finished pencil. Each page really tells a story about the art and the thought process. Enjoy this review and leave us your thoughts.

Don't forget to click on the images to enlarge them. Also make sure to leave a comment on your thoughts about this sketchbook.

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Front Cover Campbell Ruff Stuff Vol 1 Horizontal
Left to Right 1-2: Inside Cover, Tickerbell and others  
Left to Right 3-6: Gen 13 Girl Sketches, The Amazing Spider-man
Left to Right 7-10: Random Sketches, Baroness and Destro
Left to Right 11-14: Emma Frost White Queen, Rocketeer 
Left to Right 15-18: Tinkerbell with Harry Potter and Pinocchio, James Bond
Left to Right 19-22: Black Cat & Spider-man, Sketches
Left to Right 23-26: Superman with Lois Lane, Venom vs Spider-man 
Left to Right 27-30: Little Mermaid, The Avengers
Left to Right 31-34: Thor #5 Sketch Cover, Cry for Dawn 
Left to Right 35-38: Slave Princess Leia, Sketches
Left to Right 39-42: Jungle Girl, Dejah Thoris
Left to Right 43-44: True Blood Group Sketch, Back Cover


  1. thank you vvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvveeeeeeeeeerry much , im one of his ultimate fans , i love so much the way he sketche and he ink , im not so attracted in the way he draw faces , but technically his sketches and lines are verry clean and finely curvy , we feel in his sketches that every ligne take the good road i dont know how to explain but i admire verry much this man !
    and of course it's verry nice to share with us those amazing sketches , toooo bad they are a lil bit small , because i really wana discover and appreciate it and they are in a large size !!!
    thank you my friend !!!

    1. Make Sure you click on the pictures to get larger views of the images :)
      And make sure you check out the Part 2 of the sketchbook here
      Thanks Agains

  2. Thanks for the look at Volume 1! You are really gifted. I look forward to seeing more of your work.