Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Jeff J. Scott Campbell Ruff Stuff Vol 2 Sketchbook Release

The J. Scott Campbell Ruff (rough) Stuff Vol 2 is here. The full review is ready for you. Like all good things this years J. Scott Campbell sketchbooks came in a pair. A Horizontal and a Vertical version, each with their own individual sets of art. Volume 2 was the vertical version and in our opinion the nicer sketchbook, but we still highly recommend you get both it's worth the current 2012 pricing of $40-$50 for the pair. We'll try to not add to much commentary on this but just flipping through this there are so many subtle easter eggs in each page.
Not DO NOT ADJUST YOUR MONITOR this is the original colours of the pages they have a purple tinge to, which is all part of the J. Scott Campbell style. Enjoy Click to Enlarge Images

If you want to See Volume one Horizontal Click Here

 Left to Right P1-8: Grimm Fairy Tales, Tinker Bell and Hook, Gwen Stacy, Sleeping Beauty

 Left to Right P9-16: Wasn't to Sure who or what, Baroness, Buffy Slaying Vampirella, Batman and Joker

 Left to Right P17-24: Gwen Stacy in the Rain, Mary Jane, GIRLS, Black Cat

 Left to Right P25-32: Eve in the garden with Howard Stern, Stan Lee and Friends, Pan Am, Alice in Wonderland 

 Left to Right P33-40: Maleficent (check out the bottom with the dragon tattoo on her back), Dejah Thoris, Wizard of Oz, Snow White and the Huntsmen

P41-42: Ariel and Cinderella Disney Princesses

Left to Right P43-47: Cinderella Midnight Run, Danger Girl Group, Back Cover

Hope you Enjoyed the review and leave your thoughts here too.


  1. Hello, can't you make bigger scans available, there are too small even though I click on them :/
    Thanks for your efforts!