Friday, November 16, 2012

Jurassic Park 3D Desktop Wallpaper

As the title says this is Jurassic Park, sorry guys but the wallpaper isn't going to be in 3D, maybe there's a software to do that now. As for us we'll be sticking to just regular images for now.
Universal just released the trilogy of Jurassic Park on Blu-Ray not to long ago. Now they are going to re-release the movie into theaters... in 3D. To be honest it doesn't sound like they are doing anything innovative, but it does sure seem like a quick cash grab. I'm sure there will be a line-up of action figures to go along with it (most likely using the same molds they did when this movie first came to theaters).
The only good thing coming out of this would probably be a re-education of the generation that didn't grow up with Jurassic Park (hopefully growing the fan base). You think they'll do a Jurassic Park 4 or just maybe stretch with another trilogy? I'm hoping they don't make anymore (things some times just need to be left as they were) but it'll depend on how much cash flows into this re-release.
Anyways we aren't going to post the trailer for this because you've already seen it. But Enjoy the Wallpaper, It's got the updated "3D" logo on the top of the Park Gate

Jurassic Park 3D HD Desktop Wallpaper 1060x900px (fill with black background)

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