Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Simone Bianchi 2008 Full Sketchbook Review

Here we are Christmas is just around the corner and we tried not to disappoint. Here we're going back to 2008 and looking at the Simone Bianchi Sketchbooks of years past. This one in particular is geared towards any X-men fan. Right around this time was when Simone started working on the Astonishing X-men with Warren Ellis. THe very beginning of when things started to get big for him. You'll see more tight finished pencils in this sketchbook and lots of x-men covers. Mostly they are the sketches of the covers he worked on which I personally like to see. There's a lot less draft work and it seems like there's a lot of thought put into what was going to be published on each page. You'll see mostly the typical X-Men costumes, I think mostly because he wasn't going to take to many big risk yet this soon. But the style in which he executes the pencils is amazing even back in 2008. Enjoy this one and we'll have the filler years to come in a short time. Leave your own thoughts and let us know what you think about this, we always love to hear from our readers. Take special note of the back cover. Every year that photo changes. Interesting and peculiar.

Left to Right P2-5: Inside cover for a sketch, Astonishing X-men 25, Gate Fold Astonishing X-men 25 
Left to Right P 6-9: Lady Deathstrike, Bishop, Mutant Villains 
 Left to Right P10-13: Cyclops X-men, Tomb Raider Lara Croft, Astonishing X-men
Left to Right P14-17: Fantastic Four 554, Onslaught Reborn, Amazing Spider-man 555
Left to Right P18-20: Spider-man, Thunder Bolts 155 Variant Green Goblin, Captain America Ultimate Origins 2
 Left to Right P21-24: Batman and Catwoman, The Justice League, Rocketeer??

 Left to Right P25-28: Electra, Wolverine Origins 25, Wolverine Origins 21, Wolverine Origins 22
 Left to Right P29-31 and back cover: Wolverine Origins 23 Deadpool, Wolverine Splash page, back cover Photo shoot

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