Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Simone Bianchi San Diego SDCC 2012 Sketchbook review

December is well through and the holidays are reaching their climax. Time for a final push to get all your gifts ready and prepped. We're busy trying to fill the gifts for you readers. An accelerated schedule of Gifts for your eyes only is set to be unleashed upon each one of you. So here's the first and be ready to get more.

Simone Bianchi the Italian water colour and painted comic book artist is finally here. We have the full review of his newest sketchbook from the 2012 San Diego Comic-Con. My personal opinion his art is extremely detailed but I noticed that unlike most top comic artist he doesn't draw the female figure to my tasting. What he doesn't do with the female figure he more then makes up for when working on villains or the more important big name super heroes. For me this is really what matters because the capturing and composition of each final piece is pretty near life like. As well his style tends to bring a more vibrant colour layout to each character (he's got a great compliment in his colourist). Hence typical scans do not do the book justice, a photo had to be taken to fully translate the vibrance and experience. So lets get to it. We love the double splash pages in this sketchbook.

 Left to Right P2-5: Inside cover, Wolverine cover sketch (yes Sabertooth is ripping off wolverine's face), Layout Cover sketch Namor 

Left to Right P6-9: Uncanny X-Force 3, Uncanny X-Force 2, Phoenix Sketch, Phoenix Full Colour

 Left to Right P10-13: The Avengers, X-23 splash pages

 Left to Right P14-17: Girls, Uncanny X-Force 2, Wolverine 310, Uncanny X-Force 1

 Left to Right P18-21: Uncanny X-Force 1, Dr. Strange, Marvel Villains

P 22-23 Splash Page of Marvel Villains (Our favourite splash page) Excellent desktop Background

Left to Right P24-27: Thor Sketchs, Vampirella & Wolverine, Wolverine 311 

Left to Right P28-31: Cloak in Wolverine 310, Uncanny X-Men 539, Uncanny X-Force 3  

 Left to Right P32-36: ESPN Weapon Y Basketball, Skaar and Thor, Batman sketch

Left to Right P37-back cover: Batman Full colour, Dr. Doom with Biography, Back Cover

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