Thursday, January 10, 2013

Alex Ross Sketchbook 2012 SDCC Preview

It's January the start of a new year. The parties are over and there isn't another holiday in sight for at least another month. We'll try to get you through the day and the month the best way we can. Today as a little tease we're previewing the Alex Ross 2012 SDCC Sketchbook. Don't worry we'll have the full one out shortly.

About the sketchbook. Once again Alex Ross has done it. He's compiled a wide variety of art from all the different books that he does. Some may have wanted more of the more popular character sketches, but I think he gives fair coverage to all the work that he does. It really shows his versatility and ability, we can say that he pretty much makes any character look stunning. The size o the sketchbook is big measuring at 8.5'x11" most other sketchbooks are half that size. Which means that you really get a good look at what's going on in the pencils and the detail is extra fantastic. I'll let you gauge this on your own. Enjoy the preview.

 We've got Superman, Batman vs the Joker, And the Legion of Superheroes. Check back soon for the rest of it.

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