Thursday, May 2, 2013

Pacific Rim - HD Trailer 2 + Commentary

Robots... check, Monsters... check, Action... check... Guillermo Del Toro's uber-creative mind... discount double check! 

(0:14) - Is that GLaDOS? Will there be a promise of cake after the credits?
(0:30) - Oh my! 30 seconds in and I only have 1 comment... this trailer is leaving me speechless. 
(0:34) Oh... they really were going fishing...
(0:45) Reminds me of Cloverfield.. that movie could have probably needed a bit of robots in it too.
(1:18) Pilots mind melding with machine... IS THIS AN EVANGELION MOVIE!!!! cause that would be awesome!
(1:47) Of course Ron Perlman is in a GDT movie
(1:57) Glad to see some multiculturalism. The movie was starting to look like those movies set in Asian cities, yet everyone is American.
(2:00) Cool beans.. A General Grievous type robot
(2:14) How is this not an Evangelion Movie?
(2:29) I think I need to watch this in IMAX 3D. July 12th

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Further Comments:
The VFX look great, accompanied with the filter to make everything look not so ultra real. The robots are also not overly complicated with showing parts like in Transformers' totally unnecessary loose parts. The dialogue might be cheesy, but it's an action movie, so who are we kidding? We can at least expect better dialogue/story than Transformers. I hope it knows what it is and doesn't try to be something it is not. NO gratuitous female shots, NO blatant product placements, NO unnecessary potty humour, NO moms trying weed, NO attempts at being funny with inappropriately racist robots that really fell flat on it's own face, NO weird camera angles so that I can't see any of the action going on. Just give me robots beating up monsters, with some charm and a dash of something special and I am a happy follower. GDT, do us proud!

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