Thursday, October 24, 2013

Captain america Winter Soldier Trailer 1 HD Debut

The first looks at the new Captain America movie have arrived.

Check it out and read below for our thoughts

So First things first this isn't a historical piece like the first movie, but from the looks of it there will be some definite clashes of what the "old school" thinking of freedom and democracy is versus what the 21st century requires to have "necessary evils" in order to keep our "freedom and democracy." Lots of new characters are cropping up too which gets us excited. First off Falcon is in the movie the first stage costume looks pretty cool and modern, not sure about the actor though. Secondly The winter soldier looks amazing pretty comic accurate. Black widow is back of course since this is a S.H.I.E.L.D movie, maybe hawkeye will make an appearance too? Since this is the first trailer theres still plenty to hope for.
But this movie looks epic almost as epic as the upcoming Thor movie. Crashing Shield helicarriers and the winter soldier catching Cap's Shield throw. He is probably going to be an impressive villian... wonder who he is and when they'll drop the "buck" on his identity. Heres to hoping for an impressive Captain America movie.

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