Tuesday, October 29, 2013

X-Men Days of Future Past Trailer 1 HD

The First Trailer for X-Men days of future past has arrived just in time... or was it placed back in the time we were meant to see it....

There's not a great website for the movie so this is all we get at the moment If you want to check out the other updates see them here x-menmovies. Well not exactly there's a track industries website that you may want to check out for fun here Trask Industries They are the ones that make the sentinels.

If you need good play by play check out this play by play at Entertainment Weekly

So check out the Trailer... Unfortunately theres no sentinels at all probably still under development

Hopefully If Wolverine can get this right they can do a proper reboot of the franchise (which is pretty smart) Maybe even keep the same non-first class X-Men characters for the new movies. Hopefully messing with time can actually save the new X-Men universe. Currently the First class universe is busy saving the franchise. So here's to hoping that the second time around it'll be solid.

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