Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Robo Cop Desktop Wallpaper HD Trailer 2

Robo Cop's 2nd Trailer emerges from the ashes of an exploded car (so says the first trailer) to finally give us all a much better understanding of the story behind the movie. So Americans don't like robots seems to be the starting point of the movie. In the words of Samuel L. Jackson "Robo-Phobic". More and more this is looking like a good action movie. Motorcycles being used as projectiles, Guns, and of Course Robot Fights (not pacific rim scale but robot fights). My only question right now what programming does he have to go against? I thought they were just making him a man with robot body/armor on, wouldn't he just keep his brain like a normal cop just with metal skin now. Either way he's probably gonna be pissed when he finds out who blew up his car and made him get his armour military black. Hopefully the silver comes back you'll know what I mean once you watch the trailer.

Enjoy the trailer and wallpaper

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