Monday, February 3, 2014

The Amazing Spider-man 2 Trailer 2 Extended HD Post Super bowl Madness

To tease the fact sony released a part 1 of the spiderman trailer, to get you tuned in to this past sunday's Super Bowl. Well we have both of those parts as well as and extended trailer with more scenes and more action and more Spider-man. The extended trailer runs for almost 4 minutes. Sadly there's only a few added action scenes that are scene in the first trailer and the 2 Superbowl teasers. Despite that the trailers are still pretty amazing. Also make sure to check out the website for some extra spider-man stuff in the future.

Most definitely a spider-man movie that really feels like the spider-man we grew up with in the comics. I'm excited

The Full extended Trailer AKA Enemies unite Sizzle Trailer HD

Super bowl Ad Part 1

Super bowl Ad Part 2

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