Monday, September 13, 2010

Absolute Green Lantern Rebirth: Geoff Johns & Ethan Van Sciver

Front Cover Slipcase
Back Cover Slipcase
With all the current hype about Green Lantern (Proof: Sinestro Corps. War, Blackest Night, New Green Lantern Movie (2011), etc) I thought it appropriate to cover the newest addition to my absolute collection. ABSOLUTE GREEN LANTERN: REBIRTH granted most absolutes are usually 12 collected comic book issues or more, this one seems to be the exception. At $75 (US Cover or $92 CDN) it seems a little pricey granted it does come with a nice slipcase, hardcover and slip cover. Actually all absolute editions come standard with that, except most others come with 12 issues instead of 6 and some have leather hardcovers. Barring that it looks really nice (not justifying the price just saying).

The Goods (What You care about):
The slipcase has a sort of matte finish with certain accents finished in high gloss.  Starting from right to left. Classic Green lantern pose with the power battery on the front. Back cover art is a green lantern fist, makes a strong powerful statement (it really embodies the rebirth aspect).
The slipcover has a high gloss finish with two very nice covers. One from the rebirth hardcover (front) and rebirth issue 6 on the back. The one thing that makes absolute editions so great are the over-sized pages, they really let you see the art for what it really is... AMAZING.

From left to right: front of slipcover, front of hardcover, back of slipcover, back of hardcover

Take the slipcover off and the hardcover has 2 more covers this time its finished in a matte finish. Here's a treat, I was at the local fan expo this year (2010) and I lined up to get a signature from Ethan Van Sciver. I asked him to sign my absolute edition and kindly asked if her would do a head sketch for me. It was funny he said "I dont know if it will turn out that good I don't have my good pens with me, would it be ok if i used this? (referring to a medium tip sharpie)" Here's the resulting... I guess mediocre drawing.

Ethan Van Sciver's Mediocre Green Lantern on the inside front page. Also thought to add the back inside back page.
The inside... WOW. Absolutes have the tendancy to make comics go to abother level, at a whooping 12 1/4 by 8 inches its huge. The art just pops out on the pages.
The absolute pages are on the left ad the comic book page is on the left.
The size difference really makes a case for why absolutes are the new way to read comics.
There is a commentary page by Brad Meltzer at the beginning. There's also a first flight story by Darwyn Cooke after the conclusion of the rebirth story arc. Then the usual appendix in the back with line by line scripts for issues and the original proposal for the arc. The only thing missing is a covers gallery which I would have liked to see. Overall the presentation of the book is pretty good.

The Story: well tt's all about the return of Hal Jordan the "original" green lantern (don't count Alan Scott or Abin Sur) of sector 2814 (Earth). Won't say much else just read it, it'll give you a better understand of Geoff Johns blackest night and brightest day and pretty much everything important in the DC universe right now.

Final Thoughts:
Read this story arc. READ IT, its good and well worth getting an overview of most things Green Lantern. If you can get your hands on the absolute get it and read it that way.
This would be considered a buy if the price tag wasn't $75, GET IT IF AND ONLY IF you can get it for a huge discount, its pricey but satisfying if you get it for a discount.

8 known Power Rings out of 9 known power rings

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