Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Adam Hughes Sketchbook Greatest Hits Vol 2

Here's another sketchbook from a superstar. Adam Hughes sometimes his stuff is more risque but he's got pretty tasteful work. I respect him for it. The sketchbook is alright, mostly pencils of already published work. Enjoy.

Front Cover

P1-3 Left to Right: Sitting Girl, Supergirl Bust, White Queen Emma Frost

P 4-6 Left to Right: White Queen Emma Frost, Black Cat Sketch, Mary Jane Sideshow Comiquette

P 7-9 Left to Right: Power Girl Interview, Power Girl Sketch, Zatanna and Catwoman

P 10-12 Left to Right: Catwoman, Wonder Woman Mom, Wonder Mom defending

P 13-14: Zatanna Splash page

P 15-17 Left to Right: Scarlet Witch Wanda Maximoff, Catwoman Selena Kyle, Hellboy

P 18-20 Left to Right: Darth Vader and cast, Boba Fett, Star wars Legacy
P 21, 22, 25 Left to Right: Firefly Malcolm Reynolds, Firefly Serenity, Batgirl Bust

P 23-24: Superman, Lois, Lex Luthor Splash page
P 26 and Back cover: Wonder Woman Front and Back

Hope you enjoyed it. Until next time

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