Friday, August 12, 2011

Adam Hughes Slayboy Sketchbook 2010. ***100th POST***

Slayboy 2010 Adam Hughes Sketchbook. For our 100th post I'll give it to Adam Hughes, I like his stuff. Well off to the interiors. Hope you like this one.

SlayBoy Front cover Adam Hughes sketchbook 2010
P1-4 Zatanna, Tinkerbell, Bat Girl, Poison Ivy

P5-8: Enigma (female Riddler), Harley Quinn, Black Cat, Cat Woman

P9-12: Spider-man, Black cat, (comment if you know who), and Black Cat (meow)

P13-14: Huntress to the best of my thoughts
 P 15-18: Fables (I think), Coraline (I Think), Black queen Jean Grey, Cat Woman 
P 19-22: No idea, Fables (I think), Vampirella, Gwen Stacey

 P 23-26: Selina Kyle (another bad story arc), Cat Woman (stealing), Princess (Censored click for original) , Cat woman final goodbye

Back cover: Red Sonja
 Hope you enjoyed the Slayboy 2010 Adam Hughes Sketchbook

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