Tuesday, May 17, 2011

THOR 2011 MOVIE in ULTRAavx Review... It was Thunderous :)

Hi guys and gals
Well here's the first attempt at a movie review. "I need a HORSE..."
Make sure you stay till the end for the added bonus features.
So we ended watching the movie in the cineplex ULTRAAVX theater, it was an extra $5 on top of the movie price. Thank goodness it was a Tuesday. Did you know they still do a half price Tuesday in Canada?
What's UltraAVX, AVX stands for audio video experience. So the screen goes from wall to wall in all directions, you get 7.1 Dolby digital surround sound and a bass that shacks the seating literally. I thought the bass was a little overboard and doesn't ad much to the movie experience. The screen didn't either, NEITHER DID THE 3D.
Thank goodness Thor was a good movie.
Overall they did the best they could with the Thor character. Costumes, dialogue and acting was well done. Humor was great. This was a great movie especially if you can get a good seat at a theater without 3D and ULTRAAVX, (you'll feel much better knowing you spent less and are getting so much more) The description from the movie sales person doesn't do it much justice. "It's about a Norse God that gets stranded on Earth". 
This is a definite go and see not just for comic book fans but for all. Visuals are great even the magic and crazy Thor hammer swinging is impressive, not the cheesy at all. Nothing to complain about.

For the Comic fans. Hawkeye made an appearance in this movie, probably not like most would expect. Also COSMIC CUBE where could they be going with this.... I smell AVENGERS MOVIE main plot.

Avoid the 3D and UltraAVX, you're better off without, maybe even use the savings to buy popcorn for your date. YUP it's that kind of superhero movie, it's date-worthy

Well that's it for now. Hope you like the review.

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