Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Play-by-Play Trailer Commentary: Man of Steel

All your doubts and questions have been answered. It is here, it is now, the newest Man of Steel Trailer. 

(0:00) Explosions galore
(0:08) What is that flying thing? Is Krypton somehow related to Pandora from Avatar?
(0:08) I wish I had Russell Crowe as my dad, only based on his voice. He seems supportive.. but what-a-sec, he's sending his only son off, maybe not a good idea.
(0:30) Did we just get through 30 seconds without dramatic singing lady ala Gladiator or the 2nd Man of Steel trailer?
(0:55) More of the same scenes from the last trailer
(1:13) Why would Superman need to hitchhike when he can run or fly anywhere he wants?
(1:25) Superman has a beard, which brings up the age-old question, how the heck does Superman shave? Wouldn't his hair be impenetrable by common steel since he is the Man of Steel?
(1:48) There are sure quite a lot of cool looking close-up scenes and angles, especially for short scenes in a trailer, but not sure how well that will translate on film.
(2:06) I'm sure mobs of people will be flocking to the theaters to watch the movie from the director of 64% rottentomato rated Watchmen... oh wait.. what's that?.. 300 got 60%..  I am now outraged because 300 was awesome. At least they played it smart and had no mention of Sucker Punch.
(2:07) Begin montage of quick cut moments which I will have to watch-pause-rewatch-pause-rewatch and still find out nothing about the movie
(2:12) First viewing of Michael Shannon as General Zod... looks evil enough... check
(2:16) Now that is pedigree worth mentioning
(2:27) Maybe it is a good idea to cast a Superman actor who is actually buff... sorry Brandon Routh but you don't make the cut.
(2:37) You see, you don't need to cast a Superman actor that looks like Christopher Reeves, they'll look just fine as Superman... sorry Brandon Routh
(2:45) Yup looks like an 'S' to me
(2:48) Everything wrong with "Superman Returns" solved with one punch... heck yeah! (in reference to the lack of punches thrown in "Superman Returns". I'm pretty sure that just this trailer alone has more punches than the entirety of "Superman Returns. Yes I like to see punches.)
(2:51) Still looks like an 'S'
(2:56) June 14? See you there!

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  1. Finally This is the trailer I've been waiting for. As Much as opera music is awesome. I still like the typical superman style music with as mentioned Lots of Punches.