Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Thor: The Dark World - HD Trailer + Commentary

Thy eyes shall be smitten with a visual assaulting!
I'm gonna try to make this as much like BY's last Superman post. I'll start the breakdown but he'll probably do it better later today.

Play-by-Play Commentary (Now with special guest)
FR= Fiction is Real      BY=BY

FR- (0:00) Ominous thunder clap with city scape (queue birds flying away)
BY- (0:09) Birds flying across the street... is this film directed by John Woo?... (went to check director)... nevermind then.
FR- (0:12) Ominous sigh, followed by intense magic trick queue Levitating truck. Odin voice over of explaining the universe according to Norse Gods.
FR- (0:23) Jane Foster (Natalie Portman) is that you?
BY: Natalie Portman? I am sold... how soon can I preorder my ticket?
FR- (0:25) The first glimpse of our movie's villain.
FR- (0:29) The main villains epic bad ass ship. Followed by things exploding and people running in fear.
FR- (0:30) Standard Marvel Scroll opening and Music change to something less solemn and more racy with a synthesized bass track.
BY- (0.34) Ooo cool little thing they did with making the red of the Marvel Logo turn into a cape... I am obviously easily amused.
FR- (0:35) YAY finally after 30 seconds of intense stuff...reading this makes this seem even more long. None the less a new outfit thor seems to be wearing. Slightly shinier and more sleek boots.
BY- Things do look sleeker.. and the mood and filter looks darker... like every sequel tends to be. (oh wait, the sub-title is "Dark World.. so I guess it's obligated to be darker)
BY- (0:39) 2nd glimpse of Natalie Portman... seriously, how soon can I give my money?
BY- (0:48) Whoa whoa whoa! How does Thor now have to the power to travel between realms?... oh wait.. is bifrost fixed? BUT YOU KNOW WHAT THAT MEANS... Natalie Portman in Asgard means more Natalie Portman (psst... I have a confession... I have an infatuation with Natalie Portman)
BY: For some reason, this scene makes me wish for a Marvel version of Super Smash Bros. Please let that be a possibility.
BY: (1:13) What is it with these comic book movies and Avatar? First Superman and now this?
BY- (1:40) So this is the 3rd film with Loki, and hopefully not as the villain, or else shame on him. If he were, he'd be the Wile-E-Coyote of the Marvel Universe.
BY- (1:43) The last line by Loki was "When do we start"... cue release date "November 2013". Clever Clever Marvel.

Final Comments:
BY- Looks like the tone is darker (hence The Dark World), and there will be more powered up Thor rather than civilian Thor, which is cool. This also looks like the movie will be mostly away from Earth, which is a nice welcome change which does nicely set up the future movies (ie. Guardians of the Galaxy). Good start but it was a very typical trailer and did not get me as pumped up as any of the Man of Steel trailer did.

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