Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Jim Lee Batman Night Watch Sketchbook 2008

It has been a while but I'm sure well worth it. If not we're making it well worth it. Catching up on all things sketchbook here's another superstar. JIM LEE. What I particularly like about this one is that he managed to capture a lot of his commission drawings for fans. Due to the fact that there is a lot of Jim Lee stuff out there, another sketchbook with the penciled art of whats in the comics is alright. But the commissions all collected into one sketchbook lets you see everything that's never been published. This one gets two thumbs up and the back of my hand to wipe the drool from my mouth after seeing all the great unpublished original art work. ENJOY
Jim Lee Night Watch Sketchbook Front cover
P 1-2 Original Art features The Joker, Batman, Robin and Catwoman

P 3-5 Left to Right: Superman For Tomorrow Absolute Cover, Wonder Woman with Invisible Plane (can you see it :), Superman

P 6-8 Left to Right: Batman,Wonder Woman with Armor, Wonder Woman with Lasso of Truth

P 9-11 Left to Right: Batman, Superman, Death from Sandman

P 12-14 Left to Right: Zatanna From the JLA, Invisible Woman from the FF4 (or is it Fantastic 3 now?), Black Widow

P 15-17 Left to Right: Starfire (Teen Titans), Supergirl, Padme Amidala (Star Wars)

P 18-20 Left to Right: Commissioner Gordon (Batman, I think), Black Canary from All-Star Batman and Robin, All-star Batman And Robin
 P 21-22: All-Star Batman and Robin Splash page "riding on the subway"
P 23-25 Left to Right: Ironman, Dazzler, Immortal Ironfist
P 26-28 Left to Right: White Queen Emma Frost, Batman Cover Layout, Batman Superman Wonder Woman Cover layout
 P 29-31 Left to Right: Batman Cover layout, Batman Superman Wonder Woman Cover layout, Beast Boy and Robin Cover layout
P 32-34 Left to right: Psylocke (X-men), Deathblow (Wildcats), Christine Blaze Divine Right
P 35-37 Left to Right: World of Warcraft WOW cover layout, World Of Warcraft 5 cover, World of Warcraft cover 6 layout
P 38-40 Left to Right: World of Warcraft 6 Final cover, Not sure what the cover is, Venom Spiderman cover
P 41-42: Sketched Absolute Hush with Gambit
That's it for this Sketchbook

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  1. Thanks for sharing this sketchbook. Jim Lee is one of my favorite artists. The only one I did not like is the Spiderman/Venom. That one is a little too cartoony.