Thursday, October 28, 2010

Catchy Song of the Week (CSOTW) #1

I know this is does not really have anything to do with comic books and fiction.. but this is a blog and it needs to be blogged.
So for this feature, I will be featuring a catchy song (In my opinion) each week. Maybe this will get you to like new music. But these are songs that I have possibly discovered recently and want to share with our viewership.

First up in this inaugural CSOTW....

Shout Out Louds - The Comeback

This is actually a pretty old song but I only discovered this recently. This single was released in 2005.. so I am quite a bit behind... but try and tell me that you heard of this song before.
So the Shout Out Louds are an indie rock band from Sweden, like the Hives... and that is as far as my Swedish music knowledge goes... unless you count any of the songs the Swedish Chef humms

From the beginning riff, it gets me hooked... I guess that's why they call it a hook.
It is what makes this song a catchy song.
You then get your first glimpse of the Jason Schwartzman look-a-like lead singer. Is it the scruffiness? or the hair? or does he really look like Jason Schwartzman regardless of those things? Anyhoo... his vocals work for this song, surprisingly because it is pretty throaty. It must hurt doing that for concerts night in a night out. It sounds as if I tried to sing after being sick, or having a hangover, or after straining my voice after a long session of singing. BUT... it works well with the sound of this band. Gives it that indie vibe and a cleaner voice may be too clean for the roughness/distortion of this catchy tune.
Then you catch of glimpse of franken-drummer. Something about him mesmerizes me. I think I'm drawn to his large bald head. At first, I thought he was just a character for the video... but he's actually the drummer of the band and he actually looks like that... eek. I thinks the combination of his big head, and big glasses that does it for me. He looks like one of those silent henchmen that never talk (obviously cuz he's a silent henchman) and only grunt (not so silent anymore). And it doesn't help that he uses those mallet sticks that add to his image of large henchman #1.
MOOG!!!!!! gives this song that extra something which somehow rounds everything. I do love it.
Do not get me started on analyzing the video.. cuz I have no idea why it is what it is, but all I figure is that the band is being interrogated .. or interviewed. That is all.
Good song, sure to not offend and stick in your mind for at least a week. But that's good thing, cuz you'll susceptible to be inception'd with the next CSOTW!


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