Monday, November 1, 2010

INCEPTION - Mind Heist: Catchy Song of the Week (CSOTW) #2

INCEPTION WORKS. Damn! I didn't even look at BY's post till now and this is my two cents on the CSOTW. 
Following BY's Train of thought (haha get it). I found this appropriate to fit the bill. Now as we all anticipate the release of the Blu-ray and DVD for Inception, there's still tons of talk about the movie and... the trailer. That ominous fog horn that instantly sucks you into the world of "Inception". Who wrote it? Well ask no more here it is. Come relive how to make your life more epic and intense.TURN UP THAT BASS!!!

This is an amazing song. Bored need a pick up just listen here.
Love the song well support the artist Here. You can buy some music from there as well as listen to his other stuff.

I wish is was longer but that's the reason they invented REPEAT.
As for the composer I wish there was more info about him/her but nothing as of yet.
Pretty much this is it on Zack Hemsey.

Until the next CSOTW, keep your thoughts protected.

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