Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Michael Turner Sketchbook B Wonder Woman 2006 Aschans

Not much to write just the Second sketchbook from 2006 San Diego Comicon. Pages are in order, Click for larger images and close ups.

Links to my other Posts of Turner Sketchbooks Seems to be much sought after :)

Left to Right: Front cover, back cover, P1 Identity Crisis 4 cover Wonder Woman

Left to Right: P 2-4 Justice League of America, Superman/Batman covers 10 & 11

Left to right: P 5-7 Superman/Batman 8 Cover, Wonder Woman, Teen Titans 1 cover

Left to Right: P 8-10 Starfire (Teen Titans Secret Files 2003 cover), Harley Quinn, Fathom Vol 2 4a

From Left to Right: P 11-13 Fathom Vol 2 Cover versions 4b, 4c, 4d

From Left to Right: P 14-16 Fathom Vol 2 Cover 4e, 2 more Fathom Covers

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