Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Michael Turner Sketchbook A 2007 Canadian Fan Expo 2007, Wizard World Chicago 2007 And San Diego Comicon 2007 Aschans

There were 3 different covers depending on which show you attended. So far there were covers from the 2007 Canadian Fan Expo, 2007 Wizard World Chicago and 2007 San Diego Comicon. The 2007 Sketchbook A has all of the same content but different covers. I really like the colors because of the variety. Wolverine has go to be my favorite.

Links to my other Posts of Turner Sketchbooks Seems to be much sought after :)

From Left to Right: Spider-Man Fan Expo Cover, Wolverine Wizard World Chicago Cover, Batman San Diego Comicon Cover Signed by Michael Turner

From Left to Right: P 1-3 Incredible Hulk 100 Variant, Wolverine Origins 1, and Logan (Wolverine)

 From Left to Right: P 4-6 Wolverine Sketches, and Civil War 1 variant cover

 From Left to Right: P 7-9 Civil War 7 Variant Cover, Civil War: X-Men 1 Aspen Variant, Fallen Son: Death of Captain America - Wolverine

 From Left to Right: P10-11, 14 Daredevil 100 Cover, Fantastic Four 550, Mrs. Marvel 1

P 12-13 Superman/Batman 2 Page interior Splash page

From Left to Right: P 15-17 Civil War Sketches,

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