Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Michael Turner Sketchbook A Supergirl 2006 Aschans

A tribute to the late great Michael Turner, he (and Jim Lee) was a major reason why I started to come back and get interested in comic book. Getting to see both talents go at it in Superman/Batman #8-13 was what got me hooked. It was as if they were locked in a sketch-off showing the world how to brilliantly depict the single most pivotal in each of those issues. Added to the fact that I got the whole set (Turner and Lee covers) for less then a dollar each there was no turning back, thanks heroes world. So you can probably tell that's why this is so special to me.
The Turner sketchbooks will consist of separate post for each year's convention sketchbooks that we have in our possession. They will be linked by the labels at the bottom of the post. I find with every website that has a sketchbook section there is never any show of the content. As much as the cover is important the sketchbooks interior art is just as vital. Unfortunately if you don't happen to own the actual material you're left to imagine what's inside. Well I hope this will open your imagination and satisfy what all the hype is about. Each cover will be displayed then all pages in pairs will be shown. ENJOY and wonder no more.
Links to my other Posts of Turner Sketchbooks Seems to be much sought after :)

From Left to Right: Front cover, back cover, P1 Superman/Batman 13 cover

 From Left to Right: P 2-4 Supergirl cover 1, 2, 3

From Left to Right: P 5-7 Supergirl lots of her

From Left to Right: P 8-10 Supergirl and Grace, Grace, Shake your Aspen Grace

From Left to Right: P 11-13 Soulfire 5A, Soulfire Art
From Left to Right: P 14-16 Fathom Kiani, and Shrugged! Art


  1. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!! i've been searching for this since i don't know when!!!! i'm a Turner's fan too and i've been looking for the sketchbooks like foreverrrrrrrrr!!!! thanks dude, you are awesome.

  2. Hey Thanks for the words javix. Hope you got to check out the other turner sketchbooks from other years too. League of Fiction Thanks YOU for VIEWING

  3. I have a question, did you have all the sketchbook from Turner??? i have search it but i dont find they, i was lucky to see two of them hear, when you have others can you send them to my e-mail??? kolesar.michal@seznam.cz