Friday, December 10, 2010

Micheal Turner Sketchbook Batman Spider-man 2008 New York Comicon Aschans

The last and final Michael Turner sketchbook. I was Fortunate enough to get this copy signed which was awesome. This has to be probably my favorite of all the sketchbooks. The interiors were really nice with a few splash pages. Hope you all like it as much as I have. Still can't figure out what page 23 was all about but none the less a tribute to the great works of Michael Turner.

Links to my other Posts of Turner Sketchbooks Seems to be much sought after :)

 Both Covers of the 2008 Michael Turner Sketchbook Signed

From Left to Right: P 1-3 Fathom Vol 2 Hardcover, Soulfire 8 Exclusive, Soulfire Vol 1 Trade

From Left to Right: P 4-5, 8 Fathom Grace Crossover, Aspen Showcase 1 Wondercon, Captain America Sketch

P 6-7 Aspen Splash 2007 

From Left to Right: P 9-11 Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman Sketches

P 12-13 Batman vs. Spider-man splash page

From Left to Right: P 14-16 Spider-man Red Sonja 1 & 2, Namor Submariner 6

P 18-19 Aspen Holiday Snowboard Splash Page

From Left to Right:P 17, 20-21 Ultimatum Hardcover, Fantastic 4 551, Civil War 4

From Left to Right: P 22-24 Civil War 5, Justice League of America (possible crisis cover), Justice League of America 12

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  1. Wow! Thank you Fiction is Real! You are beyond awesome! These vibrant sketchbooks brought Michael Turner back to life for me and I've missed new art by him until now! Thrills and chills. How heart-moving is page 23?! God I miss this guy's art. Hopefully some young guns will pick up the torch. I love Finch, Benes & Benitez but there is only one Michael Turner. Amen! Cheers - David.