Thursday, December 9, 2010

Michael Turner Sketchbook B 2007 Canadian Fan Expo 2007, Wizard World Chicago 2007 And San Diego Comicon 2007 Aschans

The Michael Turner Sketchbook B from 2007. Most are cover from comics but I like the fact that they are all in one place. Its to bad that all the other convention copies had the same content just different covers. They did change up the type of paper used which is a real bonus. My favorite is between the Emma Frost and Vixen.

Links to my other Posts of Turner Sketchbooks Seems to be much sought after :)

 From Left to Right: Blackcat Fan Expo Cover, White Queen Emma Frost Wizard World Chicago Cover, Vixen San Diego Comicon Cover Signed by Michael Turer

From Left to Right: P1-3 World War Hulk 1 Aspen Variant, Wolverine Sketches

 From Left to Right: P 4-6 Silver Surfer: In Thy Name 1, Civil War 1 Aspen Variant, Black Panther 25

From Left to Right: P 7-9 Ultimate X-Men 75, Fallen Son: Death of Captain America Spider-Man, Spider-man Future Cover

 Left to Right: P 10-11, 14 Venom Sketches, Thor 1 Cover, Namor Cover 1

P 12-13 Splash page from Superman/Batman

 From Left to Right: P15-17  Namor Sketches, Justice League of America 7 Variant, Superman: Godfall

From Left to Right: P 18-20

 From Left to Right: P 21-23 Soulfire, Soulfire and Soulfire New World Order Beginnings

P 24 Soulfire 8 Cover

That is all for this issue.

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  1. Thank you. What a treat to see. Very generous of you and amazing by Michael Turner RIP.